10 Ways the Multicultural Student Center Can Support Your Student Org

MSC Student Life Intern, Eric

Being part of a Student Organization can be one of the most meaningful experiences for students on campus. Student orgs are a wonderful place to make friends and professional connections. Whether you are a general member of a student org or serve in an administrative role chances are that you sometimes feel like you need a little extra help. Luckily, that’s where we can come in.


Here are some ways the MSC can help your Student Org

1. Advising

The MSC has an incredible administrative staff that is capable and willing to help you, if you’re willing to ask.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 12.03.15 PM

You can schedule time to meet with staff and get advising for your Org by reaching out our Associate Director, Robert Brown, or our Organizational Development Specialist, Vinika Porwal. They can often answer questions you may have and give you options that best suit your specific needs.

2. Org Affiliate Program

Another great service we offer is our Org Affiliate Program where Orgs partner with us and receive several services exclusively meant for our affiliates. These services include advising help with writing Grants and Space to store Org items. Org Affiliates work very closely with Vinika on making sure that the MSC meets their needs.

blog post 2

3. Storage Space

We offer exclusive MSC storage access in our Student Org space to our affiliate Orgs. This space can be accessed by asking one of our Student Interns at the Front Desk who have a key to open it.

4. Grant/funding

Need to write a Grant or get funding for an event? We may be able to provide funding and advising with grants to get your org a number of things, from food to materials for a workshop, or help paying to reserve spaces, or a grant to plan a retreat.

If you’re considering any of these things for your org reach out to Vinika for help. She can be of assistance to you and can connect you with someone else, like our Student Life Intern and Grant Writing extraordinaire Octavia Ramsey.

5. Equipment Rental

We offer full rental access of our electronic equipment to all Orgs. We have resources like our sound system, laptops, projectors, as well as board games for events and activities.

All of these items can be checked out on our website at msc.wisc.edu or you can come to the front desk and an available intern will get you all squared away.

6. Space Reservation

Click the image to reach our Room Reservation  form on msc.wisc.edu

Another service that any Org can take advantage of is reservation of our spaces for meetings, events, or group get togethers, like study tables. This can also be done on our website under the Room Reservations Tab. You have the option of reserving the MSC Lounge, Classroom, and Social Justice Library.

Please allow 5-7 business days for confirmation of your event. Have an event coming up? Get your reservation process started today!

7. Collaboration & Recruitment

There’s always so many different people from various orgs and groups hanging out in the MSC. This makes the MSC a great place to create connections with different students and orgs who may be looking to collaborate on upcoming projects or serve as support for each other.

It also provides a great place for recruitment if you believe your group’s mission aligns with those of MSC partners and supporters.


A picture from the MSC’s student Org Fair, Fall 2014

8. Referrals

There are many things that the MSC can do to support students and Organizations alike. Yet sometimes there are things that we cannot do. In those times the MSC is still a valuable, yet different, resource. This means, in short, if we cannot help you directly, we will help to connect you with someone who can.

9. Sponsorship

Whether you’re an MSC affiliate or not, if you reach out to MSC professional staff about an event you would like to collaborate on and bring a detailed plan you’ll be able to get a co-sponsorship from the MSC. This means potential funding for your event or marketing through our weekly newsletter and Social Media Outlets.

10. MSC Blog – share your events, experiences, and issues that are important to you!

Here’s a look at one of our most recent blog posts.

Lastly, but certainly not least, share your events and experiences on the MSC Blog! Interested in writing a guest article, suggesting a topic to the blog, or having an org and/or event spotlight featured on our site, Threads? Contact our Blog editor, Hiwot Adilow, at adilow@wisc.edu for more information about the submissions process and guidelines.

These are just a few of the many ways the MSC can help your Student Org. We hope that this list was helpful and left you excited to work with us in the future because we can’t wait to work with you!

Do you have more questions about being an MSC Affiliate, Advising Hours, or getting Grant Help? Make sure to visit us in the MSC Main Office (2nd floor of Red Gym, first office) or reach out to our Organizational Development Specialist, Vinika Porwal at vinika.porwal@wisc.edu, or visit our website for more information!

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