Check Out “How I Learned to Stop Erasing Myself”

“To be first generation means acquiescing to a lasting state of restlessness.”

In “How I Learned to Stop Erasing Myself” BuzzFeed contributor Durga Chew-Bose writes about First-Generation immigrant identity, the struggle between assimilation and erasure, and her own experiences as a Canadian and Indian woman trying to navigate her identity while the world seems to be trying to make sense of her as well.

Image by Jenny Chang

Image by Jenny Chang

Here’s an excerpt from Durga’s post,

“There’s a type of inborn initiative that comes from having never been obligated to answer questions about the meaning of one’s name, or one’s country of so-called origin, or to explain that the way you look is generationally and geographically worlds apart from where you were born. For some of us, there has been an assumption since childhood that we must reply to a stranger’s inquiry on matters we ourselves struggle to have words for, let alone understand. When it comes to our identity, the ways in which it confuses or interests others has consistently taken precedent as if we are expected to remedy their curiosity before mediating our own.”

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