Check out The Ways: An Interactive Educational Experience

The Ways is more than an ethnic studies fulfillment and more than a simple website, it is an online home where stories from Native American communities all around the central Great Lakes area are gathered and shared. This ongoing series is produced by the Wisconsin Media Lab. The Ways offers access to educational media centered on incorporating Native American cultures, histories and contemporary narratives into curriculums in accordance to Wisconsin Act 31. This resource is described as being specifically geared towards 6-12 graders as a way to enrich their Social Studies learning experiences but the content is free, online, and available for people of all ages.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 3.16.45 PM

Lady Thunderhawks is one of the stories featured on The Ways. The video follows Jessica House, a member of the Oneida Nation and the captain of The Lady Thunderhawks. The varsity basketball team is the first in Oneida Nation High School’s history to win a regional championship; the team’s success is a source of pride for the community and is also a source of inspiration for younger girls. The Thunderhawks’ dedication to culture and tradition mirrors the philosophies of the Oneida Nation school system which works to provide a common education while weaving Oneida cultural practices, concepts, and traditions into the general coursework.

Along with each video there is text, giving the viewer a more in depth look at the story being featured. In this case you can read more about the Oneida Nation school system, Jessica’s first experience with basketball, and the traditions that make the Lady Thunderhawks such an inspiration to those around them.

Outside of the beautifully composed videos, the site includes interactive maps where you can compare tribal lands to state lines. There are links available to related research and writings on the historical background of the land, relationships with the United States government, and options to share the maps on Facebook and Twitter.

For updates on The Ways make sure to follow the project on Facebook and Twitter.

To access more content from The Ways visit the website.

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