Fast-a-Thon Event Round-Up


Pictured Above: The MSA Executive board at the end of the Fast-a-thon

This post was submitted by the Muslim Students Association (MSA). MSA is a cultural, social, educational, and religious organization dedicated to learning, activism, and spirituality on campus. MSA is open to all UW and Madison community members regardless of faith, race, or cultural background. Anyone interested in Islam or Muslims is encouraged to join. This organization provides you with a great environment to meet Muslims, learn from renowned lecturers, and practice Islam as freely as possible. The MSA holds numerous events every semester that range from socials, to volunteering opportunities, speaker events, interfaith dialogue, and many, many more.  


Pictured Above: Dhool Siad and Asly Warren at Fast-a-thon

Fast-a-Thon is an annual event, held by the Muslim Students Association (MSA), that allows students of different backgrounds to come together to celebrate the culture of fasting in Islam. This year, at Ogg Hall, we highlighted the rich diversity that exists in the Islamic faith to create a sense of unity on our campus. Muslims are from all over the world and MSA strived to show that in this year’s Fast-a-thon.

One of the main objectives of this event was to educate the campus about Ramadan and fasting in Islam. Ramadan is a pillar of faith in Islam and is the month where Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. Although Ramadan was in the summer, we as the MSA wanted to showcase it to the campus community in the year. The event started with a short presentation about Ramadan and fasting and was followed by a poster exhibition from cultures around the world. Each poster showed the culture of that country and how Ramadan is celebrated in that culture. After the poster exhibition, a delicious free dinner was served from restaurants around the Madison area. The food ranged from Indonesian food to Arab food and everything else in between. All in all, the event was well received by the attendees and many people left the event with more insight on the Muslim World and the beautiful cultures that exist within it.


Pictured Above: Volunteers serving the delicious dinner to break the fast

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