Rated P Arts Festival: Recap

The Filipino American Student Organization hosted the 4th annual Rated P Arts Festival on April 5, 2014. This year’s theme was the Art of Social Media. Cayden Mak, the New Media Director at 18 Million Rising, facilitated two engaging workshops on how to create an effective online campaign through social media.

Source: Filipino American Student Organization

Source: Filipino American Student Organization

The first focused on identifying our message. Often times we see campaigns or petitions that don’t really make sense or give the audience a reason to care. Cayden illustrates that understanding the story of self, us and now can help make that connection and influence people to get involved. During the workshop we thought about issues we have as individuals and as a group, how we handled them, and the results our actions made. We then applied that process to the issues of now. Cayden says one of the most important parts of a campaign is being clear and concise about what you hope to achieve and how your audience can help you do that.

The second focused on finding a vehicle for that message in digital spaces. In order to choose which social media platforms work best, you should work through possible weakness or limitations your campaign might face for that particular platform. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr and others all have strengths and weakness for different objectives. Once you understand what your audience does on those sites, it will be easier for you to deliver your message. If you have organized a rally, sit-in or conference, Cayden says you might want to think about live streaming it so people around the world can feel engaged as well.

For more resources about organizing and Cayden’s work, check out:

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