National Champion Still Hungry…

Even though our beloved Badgers were bested by the Wildcats of Kentucky on Saturday, and it seemed the city of Madison may implode upon itself, the NCAA National Championship Game was played Monday night. Thankfully, the University of Connecticut and Shabazz Napier, their star savior, rather than player, were able to deliver us some sort of restitution by defeating UK. However, at the end of the day there is an issue that stretches farther than UK, UConn, or even us here at UW.

ImagePhotograph by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The NCAA generates billions of dollars a year in revenue, head coaches are paid in the millions, and the athletes, which make it possible for this system to operate, are unable to receive any compensation. The argument is made that scholarships and the opportunity to attend such a prestigious university is enough, but it seems slightly peculiar that the star player of the team that just won the National Championship would admit to sometimes going to sleep “starving”. It makes you wonder the severity and reach of the issue and provides validation to its reality, especially as concurrently, the Northwestern Football Team is in the process of forming a players union.

For more about this check out Jamilah King’s “Race and Culture” Blog at

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