La Mujer Latina 18th Annual Conference: Building Solidarity and Empowering Each Other

This post submitted by La Mujer Latina. La Mujer Latina is dedicated to bringing together Latinas to identify pressing issues affecting the welfare of La Mujer Latina in the university campus and the Madison community. In doing so, La Mujer Latina hopes to build networking among Latinas and be instrumental in advocating change for Latinas. 


After all the hard work and effort, the 18th Annual Conference was once again a success. This year, our conference was on March 29th, 2014. We started our onsite registration started at 9am. We had nine workshops and two panels. We were fortunate to have Christine Neumann-Ortiz as our morning and only keynote of the day. She discussed issues on immigration and marches that are coming up on May 1st in Milwaukee. The first session we scheduled had three workshops. These workshops consisted of Demystifying Body Images of Latinas, Fortaleciendonos a traves de nuestro lenguaje-Mi dialect es mi identidad, es mi ventaja, and Do We Still Dare to Dream? Lunch was from 12:15-1:45pm that was catered by El Pastor.



In the afternoon sessions, we will have two forums. This session we had were What Does it Mean to be an Activist?, and the second one was From Archetype to Stereotype. The third session had three workshops, Resources for Latin@s in College, Who Am I? Es Complicao!, and once again had Demystifying Body Images of Latinas. Our last session had three workshops. These workshops consisted of Health Disparities Affecting Latinos, Entendiendo las intersecciones de la cultura de la violacion, machismo y genero, and last but not least Querer es Poder: Using our resiliency to overcome obstacles in Higher Education. To end the night, we had Noche de Cultura with Tango Basico.



All of these topics are topics that us, as committee members, believed were/are important in our community. We cater to everyone, campus and the Madison community, and hope people benefit from the hard work that we do. Bringing in people from the community and from our own communities is what is helping people from all over the Midwest to interact with the Madison community. Expanding and reaching out of other communities’ helps Madison and the campus students have more networking opportunities and get to learn more about other communities’ experiences.



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