Event Roundup: India Students Association

The purpose of the India Students Association is to promote and increase awareness of South Asian heritage and culture through education, campus events, and community involvement, while also providing a place for social networking.


On Friday March 28th, 2014 the India Students Association showcased its annual program India Night at the Orpheum Theatre. The show included many great performances pertaining to various aspects of the rich Indian culture. The show opened with an explosive dance act by the UW School of Bhangra, and their shining moment carried the positive momentum throughout the night with following acts including musical numbers and tributes from various Bollywood Indian movies, a colorful fashion show, and Bollywood dances.


The show included a special appearance from a Bollywood fusion dance group from Milwaukee called Marquette Mazaa. The show ended just as lively as it had started when the Bollywood fusion dance group Wisconsin Surma showcased their talents as a premier dance team. After the show, ISA also highlighted some of its major events for the remainder of the semester, one of them being its very first formal on Friday April, 11th at the Memorial Union.


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