Coca-Cola and Cheerios highlight America’s diversity through Superbowl commercials

by: Communications Intern, Ashley Reum

In the digital age, twitter backlash is almost standard for anything deemed “controversial.” I put controversial in quotes because my American citizen mother, whose native language is Tagalog, and my existence as a biracial human being does not deserve the label controversial if aspects of my life are portrayed in a Superbowl commercial. Coca-Cola released an advertisement which showcased a variety of people singing “America the Beautiful” in several languages.

After the commercial aired, every xenophobic comment possible flooded the Internet. The Huffington Post broke it down with several surprising facts, that shouldn’t be so surprising, about the history of languages—meaning more than just English—in America.

During this year’s Superbowl Cheerios brought back the same interracial family that caused so much “controversy” in early 2013. Although Twitter erupted with hateful tweets, Cheerios continued to represent the growing diversity in America families.

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