Job Board: December 14, 2013

Student Service Coordinator, Assistant Director at Multicultural Student Center

Application Due: January 24, 2013

Job Description: Must be committed to social justice and work in collaboration with students and staff in the development of a more inclusive environment. Managing and supervising MSC Leadership and Involvement Staff. Collaborating with related outreach programs. Other duties to be performed when assigned.

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Human Resource Coordinator, WI Department of Transportation (Green Bay)

Application Due: December 16, 2013

Job Description: People in this position would be coordinating human resource activities for the regional office under WisDOT’s Bureau of Human Resource Services. Oversight and analysis of recruitment in terms of staffing and classification and labor relations are some of the additional responsibilities.

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Sales Associate (Madison), Aramark 

Application Due: N/A

Job Description: People in this position would learn Aramark’s business by shadowing other employees and assisting in the sales process. They would also be  conducting analysis of the competitive market and other sales-related topics.

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Men Destined for Leadership, The Institute for Responsible Citizenship

Application Due: February 7, 2014

Description: The Institute  for Responsible Citizenship accepts 12 college sophomores for their summer institute. The institute requires a two summer commitment that would include paid internships, academic coursework, and mentoring and teaching opportunities.

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Programme Officer (New York), United Nations

Application Due: February 8, 2014

Job Description: Persons in this position would be expected to supervise a team of Project officers in various endeavors, including developing, implementing, and evaluating assigned projects. They would provide support and guidance and manage job performance.
They would also coordinate, monitor, and analyze various projects.

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Director of Horticulture and Grounds, Denver Zoo

Application Due: January 3, 2014

Job Description: Developing and directing programs and activities related to the horticulture department. Participation in landscape elements. Directing and recording all permanent plantings and irrigation changes.

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IT Analyst, Alliant Energy

Application Due: N/A

Job Description: Careers in information technology. Responsible for maintaining and supporting critical applications connected to the generation and purchase of energy.

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Compliance Program Analyst, Alliant Energy

Application Due: N/A

Job Description: People in this position will analyze and update policies in order to maintain corporate compliance with mandated cyber regulations related to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.

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Part Time Supervisor, UPS

Application Due: N/A

Job Description: People in this position will train package handlers and perform general office duties.

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Executive Staff Pharmacist, Target

Application Due: N/A

Job Description: Persons in this position would be in charge of ensuring all pharmaceutical  teams are mentored and supervised effectively. This person would also supervise efficiency in the pharmaceutical department and provide feedback to others in the department.

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Civil Engineer Transportation (Advanced), WiscDOT

Application Due: Open til Filled

Job Description: Persons in this position will be work as the primary engineer on specific aspects of department projects. This position includes policy-making responsibilities and contacting public and private officials and engineers.

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