Student Spotlight: Barbara Gonzalez


Barbara interning with Seventeen.

Barbara Alyssa Gonzalez is a junior with intentions of majoring in Journalism with a certificate in Chican@/Latin@ Studies. She came to UW-Madison by way of New York City through the First Wave Hip Hop Arts Scholarship. Additionally, she is a sister of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc., a contributing writer for MODA Magazine, and serves her campus community as a Greek Life Specialist Intern at the Multicultural Student Center.

This past summer, Barbara landed a highly competitive internship with Seventeen magazine in New York City.  Her application process began on – a website primarily geared towards posting internship opportunities that specifically relate to magazines and journalism.  After submitting her résumé, cover letter, and summer availability, she received phone call from Seventeen stating that they wanted to schedule an interview with her. Just a few weeks later, she received the exciting confirmation that she was chosen to be The Bookings Intern of Seventeen’s Photo Department!

“Working as a Bookings Intern for Seventeen meant that I worked mainly with the models. At Seventeen, not only do they hire models that are signed with agencies, but they also recruit “real girl” models who are readers of the magazine who send in pictures in hopes of being casted in the beauty shoots for the magazine.”  This meant that it was up to Barbara to conduct go-sees with the signed models, propose “real girl” models who would be a good fit for Seventeen’s beauty shoots.  She was also in charge of keeping the files with all of the model books in order, maintaining the monthly model board, staying in contact with the “real girls,” and any other duties that her supervisor assigned.


Barbara with model Bella Kane.

“My internship tied directly into my student life at UW when it came to cultural awareness.  I had a very straightforward, clear commitment to promoting inclusivity of models from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  This ties directly into everything I’m involved with on campus, from my work with First Wave to my internship with the MSC,” she says.

Barbara also describes the differences between her Seventeen internship and her Greek Life Specialist internship with the MSC. The internship with the MSC helped facilitate Barbara’s transition to working at a fast-paced level.  At the MSC she typically works on long-term projects, but at Seventeen she was required to complete long-term projects while working on several small projects each day.

“I learned a lot about professional development as far as regular office things, such as time management and organization, but I also learned that as long as you have a clear goal set in your mind it is very possible to achieve it, no matter what obstacles try to get in your way,” she says.

However, working at such a fast-paced level did have its perks; Seventeen introduced Barbara to a whirlwind of celebrities.  “I met Aliana Lohan (Lindsay Lohan’s little sister), Nikayla Rivera (Naya Rivera’s little sister), Becky G (up and coming Latina rapper and singer), Keke Lindgard (world famous super model), Scotty McCreery (American Idol Winner), and I saw Carly Rae Jepsen in the office once!”  On top of that, Barbara also caught a glimpse of Oprah Winfrey.


Barbara with Becky G.

With this experience, Barbara is more motivated than ever to pursue her journalistic ambitions.  “Working with Seventeen is something that I will cherish forever and has inspired me to even possibly create my own teen publication one day!”  We, here at the MSC, would like to congratulate Barbara on her success and wish her the best of luck with applying to the School of Journalism.


Barbara chilling underneath the Hearst.


Please visit for more information on Seventeen magazine.

Please visit for more information on journalism-based internships.

Please visit for more information on the work Barbara does with the Multicultural Student Center.

Blog post by Steven Rodriguez, Communications and Technology Specialist Intern of the Multicultural Student Center of the University of Wisconsin.

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