Weekend Guide: Yoni Ki Baat, Dodgeball, Ebony Ball, and more

YKB Poster 2013

South Asian Sisters present UW-Madison’s fifth production of Yoni Ki Baat this Friday and Saturday at 7pm at the Overture Center: YONI KI BAAT, also known as the womyn of color Vagina Monologues, consists of the narratives and stories of womyn in the diaspora, some of which have been written by the performers themselves. The yoni (Sanskrit word for “vagina”) has long been held sacred in Hindu mythology, but through years of patriarchy and colonialism, it has rarely been allowed to speak its mind.

In 2003, South Asian Sisters, a collective of progressive desi womyn, decided that the yoni needed a chance to get on stage and tell its side of the story. Thus, “Yoni ki Baat” (YKB) was born. “Yoni Ki Baat,” loosely translated as “Talk of the Vagina,” is a nationwide theatre ensemble dedicated to creating a space in which womyn of color can express their own views on sexuality and their bodies – topics which are traditionally kept “hush-hush” in many of our cultures and communities. The most unique aspect of YKB is that it is the only project on campus that promotes the voices and experiences of the womyn performing on stage. YKB also aims to end the silencing of violence against womyn, especially in diasporic cultures around the world.

ProphetMuEvent Revised

“Prophet Muhammad: The Man You Thought You Knew” is the second event of the MSA’s annual Islam Appreciation Month. Join MSA today, April 12th at 6pm in the Great Hall room at Memorial Union.  Featuring Daniel Tutt, an expert on Islamophobia, and Tahera Ahmad, the Muslim Chaplain at Northwestern University, this event is designed to educate attendees about who Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) really was and how that differs from the perception of the Prophet in the West.

Topics that will be explored include: Anecdotes from the Prophet’s life that are indicative of his most closely held beliefs and values, and questions such as: How was the Prophet in his dealings with non-Muslims? How did the Prophet interact with people who had differing viewpoints from his own? This discussion will also look at popular depictions and stereotypes of the Prophet Muhammad in America throughout history up to the present. This genealogy will seek to show that the way we depict the Prophet Muhammad, and Islam more generally is not only a reflection of our way of understanding Islam and Muslims, but it is a way to define cultural self-definition and nation-building in America. Daniel Tutt will also show a brief clip of their film on Muhammad, and show their new website : muhammadfilm.tv Everyone is encouraged to come and learn about one of the most influential men in the world.

APIA Dodgeball Tournament this Saturday from 1-3:30 at the SERF’s Gym 3, Court 2 Room 103. In preparation and celebration for Asian American Heritage Week, AASU will be holding a Dodgeball Tournament for those who are up for the squishy painful challenge. Please register through this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1HckDLcBojmUU4uadlxQnlRI0MWUEsU__8OJTgBQLcvo/viewform

Teams must have 5-8 people and must be registered. If you do not have a team, you don’t need one! We can facilitate forming pick-up teams the day of! $2 per person.


Wunk Sheek’s Spring Pow Wow is this Saturday, April 13 in Dejope Hall (630 Elm Drive)

  • Grand Entries at 1:00pm and 7:00pm
  • Feast at 5:00pm
  • Host Drum: Midnite Express
  • Contests in all categories
  • Free and open to the public


Ebony Ball: In celebration of the achievements and successes of our community and peers, the Wisconsin Black Student Union cordially invites you to Ebony Ball 2013: The Essence of Black Opulence, in the Great Hall of Memorial Union, Sunday April 14th from 6-8pm. There will be food, live performances, and more entertainment throughout the night!

The guest speaker for Ebony Ball this year is Jasmine Mans! Jasmine is a First Wave Scholar here at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and last year’s Glamour Top 10 Influential College Women. She will share some inspirational words and perform a few of her original works. This is a free, formal event so pull out your old prom wear and shine your dress shoes because there will also be a Best Dressed Competition!


Bollywood VS Bhangra celebrates the beautiful and vibrant spirt of Bhangra, a traditional Punjabi folk music & dance….paired up against Bollywood, a unique blend of India pop music and classical/modern sounds, often found in Indian films. All of this at the Majestic, hosted by Bhangra/Bollywood masters, DJs Brook and Sammy D.  Presented by the the India Students Association.

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