Book Selections: Race & Place

 The MSC is continuing our new tradition of hosting an annual spring symposium on “Race And” to encourage dialogue and action around the intersection of racial identity and other social justice issues. The two-day symposium, to be held from March 14-15, 2013, will serve as a capstone to our 2012-13 IJET programming around “Race & Place: Movement, Space, Land, and Power.”  As a reflection of this year’s Social Justice Speakers and Trainers Series, we offer a list of books and other media written or used by our speakers and presenters.


The Revolution Starts at Home: Confronting Intimate Violence within Activist Communities (South End Press): To effectively resist violence out there–in the prison system, on militarized borders, or during other clear encounters with “the system”–we must challenge how it is reproduced right where we live. It’s one thing when the perpetrator is the police, the state, or someone we don’t know. It’s quite another when that person is someone we call friend, lover, mentor, trusted ally. Co-edited by Ching-in Chen.


Stir It Up: Lessons in Community Organizing and Advocacy (by Rinku Sen): Stir It Up is a primer on best practices in community organizing. Rinku Sen is the President and Executive Director of the Applied Research Center (ARC) and the publisher of She is a leading figure in the racial justice movement and combines journalism and activism to create social change. Rinku has positioned ARC as a national home for media, research and activism on these issues.


Talking the Walk: A Communications Guide for Racial Justice (Hunter Cutting & Makani Themba-Nixon):  Learn how to discuss and spin issues of race and racial justice and build capacity in conducting media work, reframing public debates, and interrupting media stereotypes. Used as a resource to guide Rachel Kuo’s Race and Messaging Workshop (Session III B). All workshop participants will receive a free copy.

Price-Spratlen_Book CoverRage

Reconstructing Rage: Transformative Reentry in the Era of Mass Incarceration (Dr. Townsand Price-Spratlen): An ethnography of how a grassroots, reentry organization has nurtured sustained resistance and built community capacity with former felons. Dr. Townsand Price-Spratlen is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Ohio State University and will be presenting in the symposium’s Closing Plenary on Race & Incarceration. 

between-race-empire-african-americans-cubans-before-cuban-brock-lisa-fuertes-digna-paperback-cover-artBetween Race & Empire: African-Americans and Cubans before the Cuban Revolution (Dr. Lisa Brock): This collection traces the relations between Cubans and African-Americans from the abolitionist era to the Cuban Revolution of 1959. Dr. Lisa Brock is the Academic Director of Kalamazoo College’s Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership. At the symposium, she will be giving a talk entitled Badges, Passes, and un-Docs, Oh My!: Desire & Hate in the Making of the “Other[ed]” Modern World examining Slave Badges in 1840s South Carolina, South African Passes during apartheid, and Mexican Undocumented Workers today as existentially impossible and cruel examples of power that separate the “working body” from the “cultural/racial/political being.” 

Additional book and media lists for Race & Place:

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