Last Call: Submit a proposal for our 2013-14 Professional Development Series

We are seeking proposals for our 2013-14 Professional Development series for students of color. We are looking for workshops/trainings/master classes in creative and performance arts, higher education, community, civic, and social engagement, and graduate and professional school (preparation and success)

We are particularly interested in multi-session (1-3 trainings) that address:

  • Specific needs/challenges/opportunities for Students of Color (Generally or Community Specific e. g. Race/Ethnic Specific, LGBTQ, Women, etc)
  • Technical/Specialty Skill development (Technique, Method, Process)
  • Areas of these career fields where People of Color are underrepresented
  • Business, Technical & Administrative Careers in the Arts (writing, producing,   light/audio Engineering, stage management, arts organization management)
  • Higher Education Administration
  • Career Opportunities in Community Development/Transformation

Proposals must include the following: 

  • Statement of Interest (Why would you like to participate in this training series?)
  • Name, Resume, Brief Biography, Artist Statement (if applicable) and Philosophy of Training  (for each/all Trainers)
  • Series Title
  • Number of Sessions (1-3)
  • Time frame for each session. Sessions may range from 90min-3hours
  • Required time per session
  • Training Agenda/Outline for each Session
  • Learning Objectives (what do you plan to achieve and what will participants walk away with)
  • Space and Technical Needs
  • Suggested number of participants (minimum and maximum)
  • Compensation requirements

Deadline: February 22. Submit proposals to Only electronic submissions (MS Word or PDF) will be accepted. 

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