Video: Breakin’ Bad

In December, Madtown Breakers presented ‘Breakin’ Bad‘, a series of workshops, panels, and 2vs2 battles for dancers (and aspiring dancers). The event featured well-known bboys from their scenes, including Bboy Profowon, who has been in the Bay Area hip hop dance scene for 20 years. Profowon taught a workshop on how to use different footwork styles to create true patterns and vocabulary. Creator of the Poly-movement program and founder of the Soul Hydraulics Crew, Lacouir D. Yancey (aka Spirit), provided a holistic perspective on breakin’ culture by giving a workshop on integrating therapeutic movements with bboying (and bgirling). The event ended with an incredible 2vs2 competition battle.

Check out footage from Breakin’ Bad here:

Via Badger Herald

Via FlowPKFR

The event was co-sponsored by the Multicultural Council and WUD Music.

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