Org to Know: Students for Equal Access to Law School (S.E.A.L.S.)

What is Students for Equal Access to Law School (S.E.A.L.S.)? S.E.A.L.S provides resources for, but not exclusively to, underrepresented minority students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who are interested in law and /or a legal career, as well as anyone interested in minority legal issues. S.E.A.L.S. aims to expand the participation of groups who have traditionally been underrepresented as lawyers.

To best serve students, S.E.A.L.S offers a number of resources for minority students to enhance their academic and civic credentials for successful entry into law schools across the country. Most importantly, S.E.A.L.S desires to maintain an environment where collaboration and respect among those students who aspire to be a part of the legal profession is fostered.

S.E.A.L.S. was created in response to reports displaying the small number of underrepresented minorities seeking and gaining admission to law schools. Consuelo Lopez Springfield, Assistant Dean of the  College of Letters and Science and Senior Lecturer, Gender and Women’s Studies, decided it was time to change the drastically low numbers represented in the reports.

Springfield along with Christian Poleski, the Assistant Dean of the L&S Academic Advancement Program, collaborated to create an organization that provided pre-law advising and advocacy for students at UW-Madison. Together, they brought together undergraduate students interested in pre-law advising, and in 2003, Students for Equal Access to Law (S.E.A.L.S) was created. S.E.A.L.S. now provides events such as LSAT Tutoring sessions, panels with current law school students and law professionals, and tours of law schools in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Upcoming Events:

  • Mentor Mixer, October 24. 6pm in the Lubar Commons of the Law School

Interested in learning more about S.E.A.L.S? E-mail, follow them on Twitter @seals_uwmadison, or like them on Facebook.

By Andrea Walker-Cousins, Publicity Coordinator for S.E.A.L.S., Finance Committee member for WBSU, and member of MSC Programming Board. 

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