Weekend Job Board: July 27

We have extended the application deadline to August 21 for the Multicultural Student Center Associate Director position AND increased the salary range ($48-59K)! We are looking for someone to supervise staff a, manage programming funds, oversee our social justice education programming initiative (the Institute for Justice Education and Transformation – IJET) by maintaining and expanding the curriculum, and foster community and campus relationships. Candidate must have a bachelor’s degree + 6 years of professional experience OR Master’s degree + 5 years professional experience in relevant areas. Candidate must also demonstrate knowledge of and/or skill working at the intersection of Racial Justice and other Social Justice issues. Send resume and cover letter to dsteele@studentlife.wisc.edu. The revised job posting can be found here. 


SWIB (State of Wisconsin Compliance Board) is hiring a Performance and Compliance Analyst in their Enterprise Risk and Compliance Group. The analyst  will  be responsible for  producing SWIB’s preliminary, monthly, and quarterly performance reports.  The analyst will also work closely with the compliance officer and  assist with SWIB’s compliance program. A Bachelor’s in finance, accounting, or similar degree preferred. Send resume, cover letter, and salary history/requirements under the subject line “Performance and Compliance Analyst” to resumes@swib.state.wi.us. See full posting here. Deadline: August 3, 2012


City Year Milwaukee has three more Corps Member positions available!  The process will be moving extremely quick as the Corps Year starts on Monday, August 13and registration is on August 7.  See application here: http://www.cityyear.org/milwaukee_ektid15779.aspx

Corps members are tutors, mentors, and professional role models. At City Year’s locations across the United States and in South Africa, and London, young people – called “corps members” – serve full time for 10 months. These young leaders put their idealism to work for children and communities through school-based service, youth leadership programs, and community transformation. These employees will work on a team in order to develop and implement strategic interventions to address the needs of students in eight partner schools.  These young leaders begin their in-school service before the first bell rings and stay until the last child leaves the after-school program by providing: academic support, attendance monitoring and incentives, positive behavior support, after-school programming; and in-school programs and activities such as assemblies and celebrations that improve the overall school environment.

As an organization that values diversity of all kinds, it is important to include a diversity of educational experience. They recruit people with High school diplomas, some college experience (to do City Year as a “gap year” experience), and college graduates between the ages of 17 and 24. Students from all schools have and will continue to strengthen the service that our Corps Members provide to the community.  Candidates must be able to multi-task, lead and follow others, and be open to personal/ professional growth. Compensation is $564 bi-weekly plus $5,550 Educational Award and eligibility for over $2,700,000 worth of elite graduate and undergraduate school scholarships.

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Weekend Job Board: July 20

Escalera Program Coordinator: Centro Hispano is seeking applications for the position of Escalera Program Coordinator. Escalera is a national after-school model developed by the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) that promotes economic mobility for Latino youth by increasing their educational attainment, career planning, and access to advanced careers. The mission of the Escalera Program is to help vulnerable Latino youth graduate from high school, prepare for college, and make informed plans for their careers. This is a full-time, 40 hour per week position based at Centro Hispano. Full time employees at Centro Hispano receive a competitive benefits package including health insurance, dental insurance, simple IRA, disability and life insurance. Salary will be competitive and commensurate with experience.


  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the Escalera program.
  • Utilize resources and talents of Centro Hispano (students, staff, volunteers, and contacts) to further program objectives.
  • Assist in organizing and coordinating a local advisory board for Escalera.
  • Communicate regularly and effectively on progress of program.
  • Coordinate Escalera planning and design efforts with partners to: Identify barriers and probable solutions in terms of the program model; organize initial schedule of activities complete with timelines and assignments; appropriate performance standards for project components
  • Develop career exploration activities including mentoring and internships and develop connections for college preparation activities.
  • Coordinate Escalera Program implementation and evaluations
  • Recruit, assess, and provide individual planning services to Escalera students.
  • Organize academic support and computer skills training for students.
  • Organize job readiness training and career and college exploration activities.
  • Arrange student-planned community service activities.
  • Ensure strong parental involvement and support for students.
  • Coordinate post-program support for graduates.
  • Maintain a data collection and analysis system to document effectiveness and enhance offerings.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree or higher required. At least two years of experience in education or youth leadership development. Prior experience coordinating among multiple partners. Bilingual—Spanish and English is necessary.

  • Strong computer literacy and oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to handle multiple tasks
  • Customer service-oriented and strong, proven ability to work in teams
  • Experience with both nonprofit and business sectors a plus
  • Experience developing new programs a plus
  • Willingness to work flexible schedules as deemed necessary with evening and weekend availability desirable
  • Must have own vehicle to travel to local schools for outreach/recruitment
  • Must pass a criminal background check

Interested applicants should provide a resume and cover letter via email to kenneth@micentro.org. Deadline is August 1, 2012.   


Environmental Analysis & Review Specialist at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Madison Office:  As the Department’s Environmental Process Specialist, this position has responsibility for the research, analysis, consultation and coordination of services on proposed environmental laws and regulations including the development and recommendation of Department responses to initiating bodies. This position synthesizes state and federal environmental laws and their related regulations and processes these into Departmental operational policy. In addition, this position will assist the Department’s operating units and consultants under contract with the Department in the development, implementation, and documentation of environmental processes under the provisions of the National and Wisconsin Environmental Policy Acts and the Department’s environmental operational policies, guidelines and procedures. Other responsibilities include analyzing and evaluating the impacts of Department plans, programs and projects on the environment, recommending alternate courses of action, options or techniques which would improve or mitigate impacts. Deadline: July 29

Applicants can learn more about this exciting opportunity via the job announcement located at: http://wisc.jobs/public/job_view.asp?annoid=60671&jobid=60186&index=true.


Editorial/Media Assistant (Oral History Review): 5-8 hours/week; initial wage dependent on experience but no less than $9/hr

The editorial/media assistant will help editors with production of print issue release, meet with editors regularly, manage the journal production calendar, maintain and update the journal’s reviewer database, facilitate production and posting of OHR blog entries via the OUP blog, maintain audio/video postings, and manage social media accounts (@oralhistreview). This person will also work with editors on other various projects aimed at improving the journal’s utility and circulation.

The ideal candidate should have: complex time management skills, with ability to maintain and adhere to deadlines; attention to detail and organization; ability to organize large amounts of data in digital spreadsheet; familiarity with Internet media, especially with regards to blogging, A/V embedding, and web design; familiarity with digital audio and visual editing; internet research ability; strong writing and copyediting skills; strong interpersonal communication skills, with particular attention to correspondence; and interest in oral history, folklore, cultural anthropology, history, journalism, English, or some related field

The Oral History Review (OHR) is a quarterly academic journal published by Oxford University Press (OUP). The Editorial/Media Assistant works with journal editors as a production assistant and consultant, as well as a social and digital media coordinator. The position works primarily to facilitate online and multimedia aspects of the journal, to build interest in the journal’s articles, and to draw more readers to both the online and print versions of OHR.

This position reports to Troy Reeves, OHR’s Managing Editor. Interested students should send cover letter and resume to Reeves at treeves@library.wisc.edu. Deadline for application is July 31, 2012. Preferred starting date: August 20, 2012.

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Spotlight on US Athletes of Color at London 2012

For the first time in US Olympic history, there will be three African-American swimmers and two African-American gymnasts representing the USA. Colorlines.com has curated a Brief Guide to This Summer’s Unexpected U.S. Olympians of Color, a list of athletes of color competing in sporting categories that are historically racially homogeneous. They’re young, inspiring forces with unique stories and journeys and definitely worth watching out for this summer. Our quick list below covers only a short list of athletes in gymnastics and swimming, so head over to Colorlines.com for more athlete bios.

Cullen Jones is competing in the 50-meter freestyle.  He is the third African American swimmer to make the U.S. Olympic  Swim Team (the first was Anthony Ervin in 2000 at the Sydney Olympic Games). Jones tells Glamour.com, “I want to erase the belief that black people don’t swim. I see swimming as a life skill rather than just a sport.”  When he was 5, Jones almost drowned at a water park. Now, he travels the country with the USA Swimming Foundation as the spokesperson for Make a Splash, a nationwide water safety campaign educating communities on the importance of learning to swim.  The initiative offers free or low-cost swimming lessons to hundreds of cities.

17 year old Lia Neal will be the second black woman to make the US Olympic Swim Team, competing as part of the 400-meter relay team. She is half-black and half-Chinese;  she speaks both Cantonese and Mandarin fluently. Neal and her family are fiercely dedicated to possibilities, and her story is an inspiring, positive symbol of her parents’ vision of the American dream.  Neal’s father Rome says his daughter is “representing a nationality of people who have not been noted for titles in swimming.”

Nathan Adrian is the United States’ top-rated sprinter. He’ll be competing in the 100-meter freestyle and 400-meter relay team.  Adrian identifies as half-Chinese and his middle name is “Ghar-Jun”, which means “little pony.”  Adrian advocates for equality for athletics by working with USA Swimming’s Make a Splash Campaign to promote the importance of diversity in the sport to local swim clubs. Oh, and he drinks chocolate milk in the shower.

Bronx-based John Orozco, 19, was born to Puerto Rican parents and comes from a working class upbringing. When he was 14, he gave away his first paycheck that he earned at a gymnastics club to his family, who was facing hard times financially, to help pay the mortgage.

At 16, crowd-favorite Gabrielle Douglas will be the first African American since Dominque Dawes to join the women’s U.S. Olympic Gymnastics team.  For the past two years, Douglas has been living away from home in order to train with her coach in Iowa. She hopes to be the second African American woman in gymnastics to win an individual medal.

Are there other aspiring London 2012 contenders that you’re rooting for and want to help us share their story? Let us know in the comments. 

Weekend Job Board: July 13

Full time jobs with higher education, non-profits, teaching, government, and communications/journalism.


Open Positions at the UW-Madison Office of Admissions and Recruitment:


Health Promotion Coordinator (Depaul University): The Health Promotion Coordinator will be responsible for implementing and evaluating health promotion and wellness education consistent with DePaul University’s Catholic, Vincentian, and urban mission which seeks to ensure the dignity and respect of all people.  This education includes outreach to student leaders, student organizations, all First Year Program courses, and underserved student communities (e.g. LGBTQA students, students of color, women, low-income, first generation, people with disabilities, etc.).  The Coordinator will also create, supervise and evaluate a Peer Health Educator program.  Finally, in collaboration with the Director of Health Promotion and Wellness, the Coordinator will assist in conducting the National College Health Assessment, compiling the results, and presenting the data to the university community. All interested and qualified candidates should submit application materials to DePaul University Human Resources department at https://jobs-depaul.icims.com/jobs/17200/job.

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Art Show: Jerry Jordan


Jerry Jordan is having his first solo art show in Madison, Wisconsin’s Common Wealth Gallery (100 South Baldwin Street, Third Floor) from August 1-7. The opening reception for the show will be on on Saturday, August 4 from 6-9pm.

Jerry is both a professional portrait artist as well as an undergraduate advisor specializing in recruitment and retention at the UW-Madison School of Education. He paints commissioned portraits, and he has also designed a mural for the MSC. His art has been featured on the cover of UMOJA magazine, including a portrait of President Obama in UMOJA’s February Issue celebrating Black History Month. Jerry is greatly influenced by John Singer Sargent (one of Sargent’s paintings hangs in his office as a source of inspiration!). His first solo show will feature his previous works as well as new pieces. Please come out and support him!

The Un-fair Campaign: “Is white skin really ‘fair skin?”

“Is white skin really ‘fair’ skin?” For one Minnesota University, the answer appears to be a resounding no. The University of Minnesota-Duluth’s “Un-Fair Campaign” intends to raise awareness about white privilege in the community by providing resources and facilitating dialogue that results in systemic changes. Their tagline: “It’s hard to see racism when you’re white.”

As the fourth largest city in Minnesota, Duluth hosts a startling 90 percent white population, which makes the argument about white privilege seem quite appropriate in one of America’s least diversified cities—Duluth harbors one of the darkest and most monumental moments in Minnesota history when three black circus workers were publically lynched by a white mob on June 15th, 1920.

By challenging concepts of privilege and oppression, the campaign has received waves of criticism. Many felt the campaign was demanding  that white people should feel guilty about the privileges they receive from the color of their skin. The campaign’s series of posters, which include faces of nameless, everyday white people splattered with ink-drawn statements about their obvious, yet unspoken “white benefits,” are causing controversy and distaste.

“You don’t see my color before you see my face. 

“We’re lucky that it’s easier to get a job, a bank loan, and approval in general.” 

The main objective behind the anti-racism campaign is to undermine the idea of white privilege and make non-minorities more aware of racial justice and inequalities. But are the university’s claims accurate? Is it harder to see racism when you’re white? Many Duluth residents who are opposed to the campaign don’t think so. Some people believe it spreads a message of hate, focuses too much on skin color and pinpoints Caucasians for being insensitive or naïve when it comes to issues of race.

Despite the criticism, campaign members only want to “challenge the white monoculture.” The “Unfair Campaign” and similar organizations continue to challenge the way people unconsciously think about and approach race in their daily lives. Can this campaign really change one small town? Or will the privileges of some continue to outweigh the detriments of others?

What do you think about this campaign’s approach? Will it succeed? 

Weekend Job Board: July 6

The LGBT Campus Center is seeking an Assistant Director! Successful candidates will exhibit experience, competency, and capacity in the following areas of work:

  • Collaboration with diverse students groups and groups of students on events and programming that facilitates identity development, personal growth, understanding of social identities, and action towards social change;
  • Ability to deliver effective educational trainings which are based in a deep understanding of power, privilege, intersectionality, and social justice;
  • Plan, execute, and assess events and initiatives that support the core mission of the LGBT Campus Center and the communities which the Center serves;
  • A commitment and understanding of work in a higher education setting done through the lens of intersecting social identities, social justice, and empowerment
  • Network with campus partners towards establishing a campus-wide network of support and inclusion of LGBTQ individuals.

The Multicultural Learning Community with UW-Madison Housing is seeking a Program Coordinator to work collaboratively in providing leadership, programmatic and organizational direction, and support to students living in the MLC. The Program Coordinator reports to the Witte Hall Area Coordinator and Faculty Director. Deadline is July 23. See application details and submission information here.


The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is looking for a talented still and video photographer who can tell the many great stories that happen on campus. Work will be used in alumni publications, on the Web, and in other campus publications. This position is 50 percent video work and 50 percent still photography.  This person will be an important part of the Marketing and Media Relations team and must have the ability to collaborate with many campus clients. The newest team member must understand our campus culture and be able to translate that culture in a visual medium. The job requires some weekends and nights and occasional travel. This visual storyteller will have the ability to not only shoot high-quality footage and photos, but also to be able to edit both still photos and videos. This person will also understand how to use video and photo editing software and archiving.

This is an academic staff appointment and a successful candidate must have at least a bachelor’s degree. To apply for the visual storyteller position, please send a cover letter explaining why you would be an asset to the Marketing and Media Relations department and why you think you would be a good fit for the UW-Whitewater campus community, a resume with three references and examples of both still and video photography work. Please send the information to Katie Bastien, UW-Whitewater, 800 W. Main St., 400 Hyer Hall, Whitewater, WI 53190 or at bastienk@uww.edu.

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