Tech Corner: What’s new with the iPhone 5?

On our tech radar right now is the iPhone 5.

When can we expect it? The iPhone 5 is said to be released October 7, 2012.

What will it look like and what may be some user interface features? According to Boy Genius Report sources, “The iPhone will have an aluminum back rather than the glass found on the iPhone 4 and 4S. The new design will have the incorporation of a rubber or plastic bezel, similar to the Apple iPhone bumpers that will cover to protect the device’s antenna from direct skin contact.” The iPhone 5 is reported to have in-cell multi-touch technology that integrates touch into the thin-film transistor (TFT).  There has also been talk of face recognition security and face time on both 3G and 4G instead of just on WiFi.

What are some Tech Specs?

  • The iPhone 5 will have a 4 inch display that may tap into new touch panel technology, allowing for a lighter device, according to an Asia-based report.  The in-cell touch technology allows the device to be lighter, but also improves other parts of the phone’s functionality.
  • I believe that the new display will be made of the gorilla glass 2, which is said to be stronger than it’s predecessor.
  • As for the processor, Apple likes to keep its iDevices in sync, so it will most likely be Apple’s A5X chip, which was used in the new iPad.  The processor’s speed will be 1.5 to 2.0 GHz.
  • 1 GB of memory.
  • The iPhone 5 will have an 8 megapixel camera and a 5 megapixel front-facing camera.
  • The expected battery life of the phone is supposedly; up to 20 hours of talk time on 3G, 10 hours on 4G, and 1000 hours of standby power.
  • Additional news about the iPhone 5
  • “Upcoming display conferences in Taiwan will highlight this technology. And in-cell touch panels have also been a hot topic for companies like AUO, which have been discussing this technology for a few years now.”

The iPhone has come a long way since it’s creation 5-years ago. Read about its history after the jump. 

On June 11, 2007 Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone at the MacWorld Convention.  If you can’t think of what kinds of technology was out to the public at that time, Facebook had just been out to everyone of age 13 and older with a valid email address, Amazon had just released the Kindle, and voice recognition had just be implemented in automobiles.

AppleInsider, a news and rumor website for technology, recently posted a thread on February 3, 2012 of how Apple acquired the iPhone.  In the thread, an AppleInsider Administrator talked about how former Apple product manager, Bob Brochers, had recently held a lecture where he told students the process of building the original iPhone.  Brochers explained that only a small team of engineers was put together by Steve Jobs and talked about what Jobs’ expectations were for the mobile device.

Brochers then went on to speak about how tightly focused concepts were Apple’s ideas of success for the iPhone.  This was important because it had strayed from the norms of what many companies have done in the past and how people thought of smartphones.  Jobs did not want to focus on building the most technologically advanced and complicated mobile device with revolutionary applications, but rather something that was simple in design and over all usability, which would in turn enrich the user experience.

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