Director’s Blog: Congratulations Graduates!

Congrats to all our Graduates!!!   Many of you have plans to do work in community organizing, community service and human rights, all over the country and the world (New Orleans, Los Angeles, Oakland, El Salvador, Southeast Asia, Argentina). More than a handful are joining the Teach for America as corps members. Some of you will be starting careers in health care, genetic counseling, non-profit leadership, engineering groups, banking and finance, public service…

A number of you will be attending graduate school: Fashion Institute of Technology, MFA at Arts Institute of Chicago, Depaul Law School, MBA at Old Dominion, Counseling Psychology at University of Hawaii… a number will be applying to medical school. A few of you are staying on at UW for graduate studies in the departments of Social Work, Gender and Women’s Studies, Public Health, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis.

For those of you, currently, on the job market,  in these final weeks of school, we  encourage you to:

  1. Pay a final visit to L & S Career Services (or the Career Services office of your particular schools or College) and update your resume and cover letter templates
  2. Register for or update your account on or WAA’s Badger Career Network
  3. Check the MSC Blog Tapestry for new job postings , Like Us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter
  4. Sign-up with several temporary agencies in your local area
  5. Consider volunteering with an organization that you would like to work with or for
  6. Maximize your resources by maintaining any established  relationship you have with mentors or seek out new professional mentors
  7. Invest time and effort gaining new knowledge and skills in your desired career area
  8. Find places and opportunities to network with other folk who are successful in doing the thing you want to do

Best of luck and congratulations on all of your achievements.

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