Tech Corner: Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboards aren’t just for typing papers. Save yourself time and effort by learning some easy keyboard combinations. These shortcuts help you invoke software commands without even using your mouse. The list below covers Windows OS, Mac OSX and Microsoft Word.

Windows OS Shortcuts:

3D Cycle through Open Applications –  Windows Key + tab

Copy – Ctrl + C

Close Current Window – Ctrl  + W

Cycle through Open Applications –  alt + tab

Display Desktop –  Windows Key + D

Find- Ctrl  + F

New Tab in Internet Browser – Ctrl + T

New Window – Ctrl  + N

Minimize All Windows of Application –  Windows Key + M

Open Task Manager – Ctrl  + shift + esc

Paste -Ctrl   + V

Print -Ctrl  + P

Print Screen – fn + Prt Scr (Key above Insert Key)

Restore Minimized Applications – Windows Key +shift+M

Save Page/Work – Ctrl  + S

Select All Items- Ctrl + A

Undo –Ctrl + Z

Mac OS Shortcuts:

Here is some basic information users should become familiar with:

Active Screen Corners are a great way to navigate through different applications and to the desktop.  To access and enable Active Screen Corners, click on system preferences, then Expose & Spaces, if Expose is not selected click on that.  From there you should be able to change different corners to best suit you.

While in most web browsers or programs such as preview, most of the following commands should work as indicated, but may be overrode by commands implemented in the specific program.

Copy – Command + C

Close Current Window –  Command + W

Cycle through Open Applications – Command + tab

Deselect All- Command + Option key   + A

Find- Command   + F

New Tab in Internet Browser – Command + T

New Window – Command  + N

Minimize All Windows of Application – Command + Option  + M

Minimize Window – Command + M

Paste – Command  + V

Print – Command  + P

Print Screen Crop – Shift + Ctrl + Command  + 4

Quit Application – Command  + Q

Save Page/Work – Command  + S

Select All Items- Command  + A

Undo – Command  + Z

Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts For some of these shortcuts to work, text may need to be highlighted. Sub out Ctrl for Command if you are using a Mac. 


Bold – ctrl + B

Center Align Text Bar – ctrl + E

Copy – ctrl + C

Close Current Window – ctrl + W

Cut – ctrl + X

Find- ctrl + F

Font Controls- ctrl + D

Italicize – ctrl + I

New Window – ctrl + N

Paste – ctrl + V

Print – ctrl + P

Redo – ctrl + Y

Right Align Text Bar – ctrl + R

Save Document – ctrl + S

Select All Items – ctrl + A

Underline – ctrl +U

Undo – ctrl + Z

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