Food: Anyone up for Sushi?

Wasabi. Who doesn’t love the great, green texture when it hits your mouth? I remember my first time eating it.  I didn’t know what it was, but I told my friends I loved it while I took a huge mouthful.  I swallowed it down with my sushi and drank lots of water with a grin on my face.

…On the inside, however, I was dying. My nasal passage cleared right up, yet I wasn’t suffering a cold. Nonetheless, the reason I’m discussing wasabi is because a while ago, my sister, her friends, and I took another trip down on State Street to go eat at the restaurant named after the spicy green stuff itself. Located on 449 State Street, Wasabi sits in a little corner up some stairs and I have to say, I liked what I was eating.

I’ll admit, because it was my first time, the menu was very confusing. My sister told me that when she first came there, she had the same problem. The waitress had to explain it to her a couple of times before she finally got the hang of it. I don’t even remember what we had ordered, and it really didn’t help that when the food finally came out, it was mixed up with the rest of our friends. That was the only let down, really. I would have loved to take pictures of our food individually, but it seemed fate didn’t work out that day for me. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the fact that you could see the sushi chefs make the food before you. They weren’t hidden away in some corner kitchen, and it was fun to see them talk in Japanese with each other in a friendly way. That made the place homier and not so uncomfortable.

When the food came out, one word came to mind: pretty!

As I ate, I loved almost everything. ALMOST everything. The only thing I really didn’t fancy was sushi wrapped in a pink something. It was the bigger cut out of the rest, and the reason I didn’t like it so much was because it had this beansprout type of vegetable in it.

I did enjoy the rest though. The pickled ginger was a nice palette cleanser because the tangy quality removes the oiliness of the fish in your mouth. Please do not put the whole pickled ginger on your sushi if it’s your first time, because it will dominate the taste of the sushi itself and what kind of first experience is that then? If you’re wondering about service from the waitress, I thought she did an okay job. She came around and filled up our glass of water and asked if we needed anything else, but when we finished and we ready to check out, she was hanging by the register and talking to a colleague. That made us wonder if we were supposed to go up there, but my sister said that they were supposed to give us the check.

In terms of asking which restaurant is better, Takara (315 State Street) or Wasabi, it’s all about your own personal preference. Would I go back to Wasabi? Of course! I love sushi and practically anything having to do with Japan. Would I recommend it? Yes, but go during lunch time. Sushi in general is pretty pricey, and both Takara and Wasabi have good deals on their lunch specials.

I can’t wait for my next adventure out on State Street. Until then:

  • Taste: 4.8/5
  • Looks: 5/5
  • Service: 3.8/5

Kaoley Vue is a food lover and freshman at UW-Madison. She is also a Student Life Intern and Communications and Technology Specialist at the Multicultural Student Center.

2 thoughts on “Food: Anyone up for Sushi?

  1. I have NOT tried Wasabi because I am still slowly getting into the whole spicy foods world. :/ but i do love sushi!

  2. You should give it a try! 🙂 It’s always nice to try something once, even if you end up not liking it. One step at a time.

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