Food: A Taste of Tibet

Coming from a small town two hours north of Madison, I arrived here last August pondering the issue of where the best places were to eat. I didn’t need to eat at the most expensive restaurants…I would rather try something that’s entirely new and different. Up for anything, what better place to indulge in my cravings than State Street? There was just one problem. I was broke. In fact, I’m STILL broke. Luckily for me, opportunity came knocking when my sister and her boyfriend took me to A Taste of Tibet (430 State Street).

We sat down, the waitress gave us the menus and we scanned over the delectable foods that stared right back at us. In the end, we ended up ordering Momo Numtak (deep friend dumplings) as appetizers, Fried Noodles, Then Thuk, Jasha Khatsa, and a Banana smoothie. When the appetizer came out, it looked beautiful. The way it was arranged around the lettuce, the colors complimented each other very well.

The pepper on the side added a splash of red into the mix. It was wonderful. As you bit into the dumpling, it had this nice crisp crunch to it and the flavors that melted into your mouth were just fantastic. The salad in the middle, to me, was like a palate cleanser. Though it was iceberg lettuce and shreds of carrots topped off with dressing (which I thought was balsamic vinaigrette), I thought it did justice. It was fresh and accomplished its job.

My sister’s dish came out first: Fried Noodles. It was plentiful all right, and I especially enjoyed the fact that they threw in spinach into the mix. Hmm…I would have never thought about doing it that way.

I think I’ve gotten used to Chinese fried noodles, because I thought it was lacking certain “oomph”. Upon further debate with my older sister, we agreed that it was the sauce that was missing. It needed a darker sauce, like soy or hoisin…something. Overall though, this dish was pretty good.  The next dish to arrive was Then Thuk, my sister’s boyfriend’s dish. Surprise, surprise! Good ol’ spinach was in this one as well. From the picture on the menu to the real thing in life, it was an exact replica:

This dish consisted of homemade hand pulled pasta with slices of beef or chicken in a beef broth. This dish consisted of homemade hand-pulled pasta with slices of beef or chicken in a beef broth. I thought it was a bit bland, but her boyfriend really enjoyed it. The pasta definitely was hand-pulled because each piece was of different size, which I give kudos to for the chef. It takes a lot of work making your own noodles! My dish was last to come out, and it looked like the picture as well, which made me happy. Given the choice of rice or buns, I took the buns:

I know, I know, rice should go with everything, but I wanted to try something different. Since my sister was telling me her study abroad experience in China where she ate buns everyday, I wanted to try that out when I realized I had the option.  It was fresh, hot, and soft. For my meal, I ordered the Jasha Khatsa (chili chicken), and it wasn’t spicy.

In fact, I didn’t know if it was supposed to be or not, but it definitely was a kick-to-the-mouth of flavors.  The golden fried chicken was lightly battered in corn flour…yum. The bell peppers and chopped carrots tasted great and the tomato sauce evened out the onion sauce perfectly.

Overall, I enjoyed my time at a Taste of Tibet. Beyond the bonding time I had with my sister and her boyfriend, the food was fulfilling. Would I recommend this place to a friend? Yes, for those who are up for something new. Would I go there again? Maybe…Heck, I probably will because I really want to try some Yak.

  • Taste: 3.75/5 
  • Looks: 4.8/5
  • Service: 5/5

Kaoley Vue is a food lover and freshman at UW-Madison. She is also a Student Life Intern and Communications and Technology Specialist at the Multicultural Student Center.

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