Music: A Brief Intro to Drum ‘N’ Bass

Drum ‘N’ Bass is a sub group of dubstep with sanguine beats that started during the 1990s in the United Kingdom. I love it because it can be light on its feet or it can be similar to heavier dubstep.  For those of you new to the genre, here is a quick list of artists to check out.

Netsky is by far my favorite DJ with smooth beats will make anyone listening jump off their seat and dance with groove. DJ Fresh has also hit me with some great jamsCamo & Krooked will make you start dancing because they can be pretty ridiculousLondon Electricity is smooth, fast and upbeat.  If the song Just One Second (Apex Remix) were a person, they would be decisive, clear minded, and suave.

Other great DJs are: B-ComplexChase & StatusAndy CDJ HypeNero, and Skynet. Also, check out DJ Okibi, a dubstep DJ with a hip hop tradition. Already listening to Drum ‘N’ Bass?  What are some of your favorite songs?

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