Internships can help launch careers

Many big companies offer internship programs that can turn into entry-level job offers.  For ambitious internship seekers who want to get on the career track, we took a closer look at DiversityInc’s list of over fifty companies that “do [diversity] best.” These companies were chosen based on their ability to recruit women, Blacks, Latinos, Asians, American Indians, LGBT people and people with disabilities, to retain them, and to promote them into their first management jobs as well as up the pipeline into more senior management positions.

Interested in technology? AT&T has strong mentoring programs that aid with talent development and involve high-level managers.  The increasingly inclusive workplace culture makes it progressive work environment perfect for tech-lovers with all kinds of backgrounds. Their internship program hires undergraduate and master’s students in the fields of sales and marketing, technology and general business.  With a focus on innovation, the internships provide a mixed bag of work experience, professional development opportunities and social networking.

Interested in media and entertainment? The Scripps Network, which has made real progress with diversity training and recruitment, is home to some cable channel favorites such as HGTV, the Food Network and Travel Channel. Their internship program offers the students the opportunity to learn more about the media industry and also provides a daily “how-cool-is-my-job” factor.  Students are assigned to an advisor and given real-life work samples.  Internships in areas such as production, sales and marketing, finance, interactive and new media, public relations and creative services are offered in the fall, spring and summer semesters and range from 20-40 hours per week. Review their job search page in order to view and apply directly to open internships.

Interested in accounting and business? Ernst & Young is one of the largest professional services networks in the world and a “big four” accountancy firm. With a strong focus on talent development, especially through employee-resource groups and mentoring programs such as the Diversity Mentoring Program and Cultural Connections, Ernst & Young consistently shows progress in building diversity into business goals.  The company also has great benefits, including generous domestic-partner benefits.  For students, Ernst & Young has an internship program that fast-tracks into a career. Interns even have the opportunity to go abroad through the Global Student Exchange Program.

Ernst & Young also has the Horizon Internship, a customized internship tailored for accounting or related business majors from underrepresented groups in the profession who are two or more years from final graduation. Aside from working with an experienced mentor, the internship also provides access to an extensive support network that helps build career foundations through technical training and skills development.

Interested in marketing, communications or engineering? Proctor & Gamble manufactures a portfolio of leading brands in the consumer goods category. The long-time leader in both global and domestic diversity, this company has a strong mentoring program and firm CEO commitment to an inclusive workforce. P&G also has a very diverse board of directors and directs one-third of company philanthropy toward multicultural nonprofit organizations. To find the perfect internship that fits your talents and interests, search their database and narrow down specifics such as “internship/co-op” or “student programs/seminars.”

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