What’s on tonight: IJET Spring Semester Kick-off

Tonight is the Institute for Justice Education and Transformation (IJET)’s Spring Semester 2012 Kick-off! Our Speakers and Trainers Series takes off with a free public lecture by John Francis, Visiting Professor at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. For those of you who don’t know anything about Francis, he’s known as the Planetwalker, after spending 22 years walking and 17 years in silence. He also likes vanilla milkshakes. 

‎”“If people are indeed part of the environment, how we treat ourselves and each other provides our first opportunity to treat the environment in a sustainable way, or even to understand the very nature of sustainability.” – John Francis, Ragged Edge of Silence

We’ll be streaming the event live: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/uwmadison-multicultural-student-center

By the way, the latest edition of Tapestry features a review for his book, Ragged Edge of Silence, by our very own Social Justice Educator, Cynthia Lin. Read it (the review and the book). They’re both very good.

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